Showreel - Compilation of recent work...

Below is the complete version of ABSOLUTE HELL (BBC - 1991).


It's a wonderful ensemble play by the late Rodney Ackland, detailing the lives of the denizens of a seedy Soho drinking club (London) a few nights after VE Day, and then a month later, on the evening the Labour Party was voted in for the first time, and Winston Churchill was voted out.


The play was directed by Anthony Page, who started his career as an assistant to the great Lindsay Anderson at the Royal Court Theatre.


It stars Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Francesca Annis, Ronald Pickup and a host of sparkling British character actors and actresses - and me!


I was 'Butch'.      At least Bill Nighy thought so...!

Here's the latest from Infomatic Films:

GMO A Go Go!

Just think of all that extra-yummy goodness!!!

And now The Disclosure! - another snappy, sassy snootful of Truth brought to you by those great folks at Infomatic Films!


I voiced it, edited the script (as much as Kirk-the visionary behind Infomatic Films-thought apt!) and wrote a bit of it...


Remember: "Aliens may or may not be real and your home may be at risk from those possible aliens..."

I've voiced a LOT of animated work by John Butler - It's always a privilege - This is one of his finest efforts -


And here's John's latest mighty hammer blow for freedom -


The FREEDOM Device

Meanwhile, Vern and Vera (they're both me!) come face to face with the disturbing possibility that they might have taken a