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I teach Acting, give individual coaching, conduct master classes and workshops, and direct student productions from time to time. My Teaching CV is downloadable here.

Paul Birchard - Teaching / Learning CV
Teaching & Directing: Drama Colleges, Acting Studios, FE Colleges etc.
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The Two Day Screen Acting School - my crash course in Acting for the camera - was recently hosted by Mark Westbrook's ACS Studio.
Alexa Ispas - one of the actors participating - had this to say:
"The course was immensely helpful - it's been a long time since I've learned so much in only two days. It was so enlightening to hear about all your personal experiences with the Film/TV industry, and all the stories about other actors you had encountered - it's stuff we'll remember for a long time to come. I always find that I learn more from an individual's idiosyncratic experiences than a whole host of theoretical books.


"The Actor's Blueprint will also be a useful tool we'll be able to incorporate into our practice. And the audition technique and all the technical stuff you taught us in front of the camera were invaluable, it gave me an initial insight of how much there is to learn and how interesting and precise it all is."


My approach is based on The Actor's Blueprint, an amended Stanislavski system developed & taught by the late Rudy Solari, on my extensive classical work with the late Charles Vernon (who taught Forrest Whittaker, Ally Sheedy & Tate Donovan, among others), my training at UCLA and The Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama, and on my own years of experience as a working Actor in all areas of the Business.


I love to play VIOLA SPOLIN THEATER GAMES and the games and exercises of AUGUSTO BOAL.


David Rex - an actor who was one of my students when I taught at the Birmingham School of Speech & Drama -  had this to say regarding our work together on MISHA'S PARTY, and in scene study classes:


"I was fortunate enough to be directed by Paul Birchard in a leading role whilst at drama school - among the most insightful and clear direction that I received there - and since.  


"Paul was highly instrumental in making me believe in myself.


"His patience and insight both as a director and teacher were matched by his ability to bring the best out of the worst of us.

"Apart from the technical expertise that he shared with us in every session, he made us realise that the more that you give of yourself in any performance the more that you receive from your acting partners - and that if this energy could be engendered throughout a cast, the ascending spiral of commitment and collaboration reaches amazing standards of performance. 

"After 10 years of professional work in the UK, Europe and the USA, I still consider him to be one of the best professionals with whom I have worked - one who has had a significant influence on my success as an actor." 


Re individual coaching, I'm delighted to help you in any way I can:

  • Preparing for auditions
  • Working with accents & dialects
  • Understanding and delivering complicated text (Restoration, Shakespeare, Shaw...)
  • Improving your breathing, articulation, vocal range and voice production

I'm not authoritarian - I love actors - I'm not expensive - I am good!