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Mr. Snowden, The World Passport And YOU!

Biometrics? No, thanks.
Biometrics? No, I'm good, thanks.

I was so happy to hear that *my* government - the World Government of World Citizens - had issued Ed Snowden a World Passport.

Following this announcement by the World Service Authority, many of  the comments on Reddit, and on other blogs, have been dismissive about the World Passport, its origin and recognition (or lack of recognition) by nation states.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Ecuador - a nation which had granted de jure recognition to the WSA World Passport since 1954 - (and many people have visited Ecuador on World Passports) - Dr Marco Albuja, said on Thursday:

"We do not recognize this document, a global or universal passport, as a valid document for entry," Albuja said on the FM Mundoradio. According to him, "This passport does not have adequate degree of protection, code and all necessary personal data of its owner." (Source: Voice Of Russia)

Hmmm....."adequate degree of protection"?  "code"?  "all necessary personal data of its owner"...?

It sounds suspiciously like Ecuador might be looking for biometrics, maybe an iris scan, certainly an RFID chip - so that whoever holds the "approved"  document can be tracked anywhere on Earth in real time.

So: have ALL the nation states already agreed among themselves to participate in the same world wide control grid exposed by Snowden, Tice and others, but just not bothered to inform their own citizens?

The so-called "New World Order" is a shadow world government, a planetary ( and beyond! ) control grid being forced down upon all living beings of our world at this time. It recognizes no law nor any restraints except its own brutal force, deployed for its own selfish goals.

But the "NWO" - or "Powers That Were" - is essentially an Adhesion Contract - an offer they - "The Hierarchy Enslaving You" -  believe cannot be refused by Humanity.  

However, there is in this "New World Order" no clear set of Terms & Conditions (except for prison terms and cruel and unusual conditions!), no Offer and Acceptance, no Consideration and no Full Disclosure -

- though we are arguably nearer to that now, thanks to Ed Snowden, Russell Tice, Sibel Edmonds, Susan Lindauer, Bradley Manning and many other brave, principled and unselfish whistleblowers -

- and no Meeting Of Minds. The conditions of a genuine and lawfully binding contract are totally absent in the NWO agenda(s).

In the final analysis there is no living soul making the "NWO" offer, only a powerful  machine using threat, duress and coercion to enforce a one-sided adhesion contract against planet Earth.  

The "NWO" and its craven company of cooperating corporate nation states and international banksters have not had the courage nor the honesty to openly declare their long-sought world government.

Garry Davis
Garry Davis

By contrast, Garry Davis *has* openly declared and established a World Government of World Citizens - a peer-to-peer government of service, if you will - in 1953.

The World Government of World Citizens is also in the process of establishing a World Court of Human Rights - an essential judicial forum in the face of  world-wide "extraordinary rendition" (kidnappings and disappearances), remotely controlled extrajudicial assassination by unmanned aerial drone, and the routine suspension of habeas corpus and of all inherent, unalienable human rights under the pretext of "National Emergency", by various nation states.

I do not consent to the New World Order.

Do You?

But if we thus refuse our consent, how do we effectively assert our Humanity - our love, compassion and laughter - and represent ourselves on the level where these threats and deadly attacks are being carried out - in the No Man's Land between nation states, in the skies choked with barium and aluminum salts, bacteria and other toxins, in the oceans befouled by nuclear radiation and GMO oil-eating chemicals, and in "plausibly deniable" locations far from where the orders to torture, bomb and maim originate...?

Garry Davis and the World Government of World Citizens have offered Humanity a means of asserting and maintaing these basic, unalienable Human Rights - the same rights enumerated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights established sixty-five years ago this year; the same rights established in the Constitution of the United States of America - now abrogated by the very government fraudulently sworn to uphold it.


But rather than wasting time and energy opposing the "Bad Guys" and their "Take It Or Leave It!" NWO, Garry took Buckminster Fuller's advice and calmly, openly created a NEW, dynamic, decentralized, peer-to-peer system of government on a world level.


It's actually here. It's really real.


But it needs to be lived  individually for this evolutionary change to become more apparent on the wider world stage.

Jawaharlal Nehru & Mahatma Gandhi
Jawaharlal Nehru & Mahatma Gandhi


When the late prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, examined his own World Passport, issued to him in person by Garry Davis, he remarked:


"A *world* passport... THIS is the passport Gandhi would have used."

Nations all over the world have recognized and accepted the WSA (World Service Authority) passport on a case by case basis. Don't be discouraged or disheartened by the blog comments of  internet sock puppets, dismissing the WSA World Passport as foolish or a joke.  

It requires men and women of courage, humor and tenacity - who know their rights, know who they are - and comprehend their own sovereignty - to assert the basic unalienable human right to travel, through utilizing the WSA World Passport at national borders.

It's not for the timid, nor for the sheeple.


It's for living souls - the only ones who can enter into lawfully binding contracts, take responsibility for the world, BE the joyful, generous change we long to see in our world - who, of their own free will, assert their world citizenship and their dynamic, creative peace with every other living soul.


Because, after all:


"The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government..."

(Article 21(3), Universal Declaration Of Human Rights)

The legal as well as the lawful basis for using the World Passport to travel around our planet is undeniable.

Garry Davis
Garry Davis


Garry Davis and all who have helped and supported him over the past sixty-five years  are genuine heroes of a New Humanity.

I hope Mr. Snowden receives his World Passport quickly, and is able to use it here on his home planet to travel safely to a place of political asylum.


Did I mention that Garry Davis is an Actor...?

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